“Driving records” and “driver abstracts” are a few terms used frequently in the transportation industry. Turns out, driver abstract is one of the many kinds of driving records employers ask for before trusting someone with transportation tasks. 

Online Driver Abstracts and How They’re Different from Other Checks?

An online drivers abstract is a snapshot of your employee’s driving history, which includes details such as name, address, sex, licence number, issue date, expiration date, and more. The goal of the driving abstract is to check a person’s capability of driving a vehicle. Employers usually request reports spanning 3, 5, or 10 years, however, a 3-year abstract is the most common in Ontario.

What is the Growth of the Transportation Sector in Canada?

In short, transportation is part of everyday life. From public transport to handling logistics, Canada’s economy relies heavily on the trucking industry. 

Statistics show that in 2021, Ontario’s transportation and warehousing industry employed 372,900 workers, comprising 5.1% of Ontario’s workforce. In fact, according to data from Trucking HR Canada (THRC), the overall number of trucking job openings across the Canadian economy is predicted to increase to 55,000 by 2024. Even more, having a driver’s abstract is a prerequisite for employment in roles governed by the National Safety Code (NSC). 

Why Are They Relevant to Your Business?

Having access to an employee’s driver’s abstract helps make better and more informed hiring decisions. Ultimately, this can help determine whether a person is a safe and responsible driver who meets the requirements for safety and risk. Hiring someone with a bad driving abstract can also impact your insurance rates and can be perceived as an increased risk by your insurance providers. This could lead to higher insurance premiums for your business.

It’s quite normal to receive credit reports that are filled with convictions, accidents, and driving-related crimes. If you happen to find one, and in that case, the demerit points may be fewer than 6, you can choose not to move forward with the candidate. 

How To Get Driver Abstracts Online?

Getting online drivers abstracts can be challenging. Waiting for weeks is not an ideal situation, especially if you need to hire someone right away. And let’s be realistic: Relying on your employees to handle their own checks can end up as a double task, especially when you’re dealing with hundreds of new hires every day. Here, the best course of action would be to take responsibility into your own hands. 

Triton gives you the ability to integrate background checks into your existing infrastructure or HR system. In this manner, you will be able to perform quick, safe, and accurate background checks through this systematized procedure. After you’ve gotten used to the system, which might take a few tries, you’ll be able to work efficiently. 

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