HR Leaders: The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing a Pre-Employment Screening Vendor/Provider

March 13 2024
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In the age of technology choosing a pre-employment screening provider is about more than just price. You have to consider speed, data quality, cyber threats and the security of data and more. There are important factors you should be considering that may not have even occurred to you. That’s why we created this checklist to help you through the process.

The Data

Your pre-employment screening checks will only be as accurate as the data included in them. While checks are performed through verifications from human sources, many others are run through APIs and automated data sources so there is key criteria you will want to validate as it relates to the data.

  • Accuracy and completeness: Bulk data is not your friend. Some pre-employment screening providers purchase data in bulk which results in data that is not accurate, current, or complete. Always ask how and how often the vendors data is updated.
  • Coverage: Is their data national? How about international?
  • Timelines: How quick is the data available?
  • Sources: Where is the data coming from? Ours comes from the RCMP and government/policing sources.


Accessibility is important as it relates to whatever platform you are evaluating in terms of uptime and SLAs, and also as it relates to accessibility for the disabled.

  • Are the services readily accessible online, 24/7?
  • Are the services accessible to the disabled–meeting WCAG standards? This is especially important if you are a larger organization, government, or crown corporation because you have minimum standards you must satisfy under the law for both the public and your employees.


Support is vital because, if you are having problems accessing the platform with a report you have requested, you want to know your vendor is there to quickly support you.

  • Do they offer total support?
  • What methods of support do they offer?
  • Do they charge premiums for support? This is important. Some vendors will charge premiums for faster support or services.
  • Is their support located in Canada? Triton’s is.


In the age of technology, the protection of data is paramount.

  • Are they SoC2 certified? SoC2 certification ensures that the organization is following security protocols and best standards to protect data.
  • What security platforms do they have integrated? Norton, Privacy Trust, etc.?


You may not realize it, but pre-employment screening providers should be compliant in certain key areas. These include:

  • PIPEDA compliant? PIPEDA regulates the protection of personal information. You should only work with vendors that understand PIPEDA and are compliant.
  • PCI compliant? This deals with the protection of payment data. You should only work with vendors who understand PCI compliance and are PCI compliant.
  • GDPR compliant? This deals with the general protection of data. You should only work with vendors who understand GDPR compliance and are GDPR compliant.


If you are working in a customized environment, integration is likely a factor in your decision.

  • Can their solution be integrated? Triton can integrate the solution into most platforms.
  • Who will do the integration? Triton will shoulder all of the work.
  • What is the cost of integration? Where Triton is concerned, integration often bares no cost.


  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have Canadian operations? A Canadian office?
  • Do they have online reviews? Have you checked their BBB rating?
  • Who are their clients–references?
  • Are they a member of the PBSA?


  • Do they offer volume discounts?
  • Do they charge premiums for better and faster service?
  • Do they offer bundles depending on the reports you need?
  • Do they have flexible payment options?
  • Do they offer bulk reports/billing/complex billing options?
  • Do they offer online account set up?

We hope you have found this checklist valuable. As you can see, choosing a pre-employment screening provider must be done with careful consideration of a variety of factors. If you are currently evaluating vendors for your pre-employment screenings, or other background checks, please consider Triton.