The oil and gas industry is a major driver of Alberta’s economy, responsible for 70% of Canada’s crude oil and 80% of its natural gas production. Companies in this sector invest in innovative technologies for sustainable resource management. The oil and gas industry creates thousands of job opportunities, particularly in exploration, production, refining, and distribution each year.

In simpler terms, it means having more job opportunities and employers searching for responsible individuals who, in turn, can contribute to Alberta’s growth. These roles span from truck drivers to engineers, managers, business analysts, supervisors, and more. However, background screening aids in identifying these candidates for competent positions.

1.  Driver Abstracts

For roles where safety is necessary, the importance of assessing drivers’ qualifications cannot be overstated. Driver abstracts are a powerful tool that provides insights into an applicant’s driving history, helping you ensure their ability to navigate roads. A clean driving record reflects responsibility and mitigates potential risks, especially in roles involving frequent travel and use of a company’s vehicle.

2.  Education Checks

The oil and gas sector demands specialized knowledge and expertise in oil and gas. People specifically with this educational background can ensure they have the expertise needed to lead and work in this industry. This is particularly relevant in roles where precision and technical know-how are essential for operational excellence.

3.  Work History

The oil and gas sector is huge, and a candidate’s work experience and hands-on skills can make it easier to fit into the industry. Employment history verification confirms a candidate’s job roles, responsibilities, and achievements over time, adding a layer of trust to their profile. It also showcases a candidate’s past responsibilities and skills that can be valuable in the future.

4.  Pre-employment Screening

Having a pre-employment screening can provide a comprehensive view of an applicant’s history, enabling you to make informed decisions that align with your organization’s safety protocols. By identifying potential risks before candidates join your workforce, you create a safer environment for both employees and operations. A background screening is valuable when considering hiring a full-time employee, a temporary worker, or even a volunteer.

5.  Reference Checks

Reference checks remain a tried-and-true method of assessing an applicant’s suitability for a role. In the context of the oil and gas industry, where teamwork, reliability, and adaptability are important, reference checks offer a window into an individual’s past performance. This insight aids in identifying candidates who align with your organization’s values and can seamlessly integrate into your team.

Reference checks are most effective when carried out systematically and outsourced to a pre-employment screening company. Through a dedicated pre-employment screening service, your agency can receive insights and compare them with the information provided on the resume.

Triton: Your Partner for Pre-employment Screening

To optimize the hiring process, consider partnering with Triton. As a trusted partner in pre-employment screening, Triton offers solutions that align with the unique needs of the oil and gas sector. We cater to a variety of background screening solutions, from employment checks to reference verifications. Triton’s services can also seamlessly integrate into your existing system, streamlining the verification process. This leaves you to allocate time and resources towards selecting the right individual for your organization.