Have You Registered for Social Media Background Checks Yet?

March 27 2024

Triton’s Social Media Background Checks enable you to build a safe and healthy workplace culture. Unlike traditional background checks, a social media background check provides insight as to whether candidates are a good fit for your company’s culture. They are a deep dive into social media platforms to look for any flags that might be concerning to your organization. They also help you learn about a candidate’s reputation and determine if they are qualified for the position.

A social media background check uses the candidate’s own social media handles and scans their profiles, as well as their activities across social media platforms. Everything from comments to likes, shares, and posts, are assessed. It then produces a result that lets you know how those individuals fit within your company’s culture, value, and more.

Social Media Background Checks are unique because they include insight about an individual’s behaviour, character, activities, ideals, values etc. that other background checks don’t. Importantly, our checks do not include discriminatory practices flagging activities based on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

This is an important tool for sectors that work closely with children and vulnerable adults. Unlike a criminal background check, the social media background check can give recruiters an all-encompassing picture of who candidates really are.

Social media background checks can identify candidates who may have undesirable behaviour or even those who may have a reputation that does not align with your company values. They provide a snapshot of candidates that is more well-rounded than what you might find in other types of background checks.

A credit check will tell you a person’s payment and financial habits, a criminal background check will reveal if they have been convicted of a crime, while employment, education, and reference checks reveal your candidate’s professional past. A driver’s record abstract will tell you how potential candidate’s behave on the road, but no background check-except a social media background check-will tell you how candidates feel and behave as it relates to content they come in contact with online.

Social media background checks can be requested via the Triton platform online 24/7 and results are generally available within 2 business days. Triton’s social media background check is legal, complying with all necessary government regulations. With top-of-the-line turn-around times, you get the information you need on time, all while remaining cost-effective in your hiring process.

As an HR leader/executive the cost to you to recruit candidates that do not align with your organizational values is far higher than the negligible cost associated with giving your team the ability to obtain social media background checks on viable candidates.

If you are new to Triton, you will automatically be able to request social media background checks through our online platform. Existing Triton customers, you may have selected specific reports when you opened your account. If you don’t have access to social media background checks, contact sales today to get this service enabled. There is no cost to you until you request a check. Find out more about Triton Social Media Background Checks by visiting www.tritoncanada.ca/social-media-background-check.