Recruitment Best Practices: Remote Onboarding in the Work-From-Home Era

December 28 2020

Recruitment has completely changed in 2020.


Once you’ve virtually interviewed a candidate, made an offer, and hired the individual, how do you ensure that your new team member feels like a part of the company?


After all, these individuals didn’t get a chance to visit the office, interact with their colleagues over lunch, or get onboarding presentations in a conference room.


The reality is that, as we continue to work from home, it becomes more challenging to do the onboarding for a new employee.


Research from Glassdoor shows that great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%!


So, here are some ways in which you can make the best of virtual onboarding:


Leverage Video Conferencing Tools


Video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become a necessity when it comes to remote work. These tools have the incredible ability to bring regionally dispersed employees together.


Scheduling conference calls with new hires can be a better alternative to communicating over email or providing them with a lot of reading material. Seeing their co-workers on the call can help new hires bond with the team, ask questions, and not feel like they’re siloed.


A welcome meeting with the department or the team via a video platform is also a good idea and can help engage the new team members.


Concentrate on Communication


In an office environment, it’s easy to pop by a colleague’s desk and ask them about their day or just ask them to join you for a quick coffee break in the pantry.


When new hires are working in a physically distanced environment, there is a possibility that they may feel disengaged, particularly if they haven’t had the chance to experience the company’s culture.


This is why it is important to make a conscious effort to communicate with new hires. This is not only important for HR but also the managers to whom the employee would be reporting to.


Scheduling one-on-one meetings during the initial days of hiring a new employee can help them understand the company policies and procedures as well as settle into the new role with more ease.


Clarify the Process


Research from Digitate shows that a negative onboarding experience can result in new employees being 2x more likely to start looking for other opportunities.


To avoid potential issues, it is important to build a structured process and communicate it to the employee. This will help the employee understand how their performance will be measured and what the performance review deadlines are.


This not only helps set expectations but also helps employees set and achieve their goals.


When it comes to recruitment and onboarding during the work-from-home era, it is important to Identify self-starter abilities, collaborate with others, and enhance your communication skills.


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