A lot has happened in the past few months.


As requirements change, it is important to ensure that your workforce has relevant skills during the pandemic and beyond.


Whether you’re upskilling your current workforce by providing additional training and development opportunities or reskilling your teams to enable them to develop new or additional skills – one thing is certain – your skills development programs have to evolve.


Why is this needed?


There are a number of reasons for this.


COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviours. A simple example is the retail sector. While shopping in-store was the norm up until a few months ago, strict COVID-19 restrictions changed that. Massive store closures made many people try out eCommerce.


According to Statistics Canada, while total retail sales fell 17.9% from February to May 2020; retail e-commerce soared and the volumes increased 99.3%! So, if you’re in retail, a surge in online shopping means that you have to review processes such as order placement and fulfilment.


The pandemic has not only affected consumer preferences.


It has also accelerated the pace at which we adopt technology. Be it remote work, eCommerce, or even recruitment, a lot of the processes are moving online. This means that while a lot of new roles are being created, many current ones are becoming redundant.


So, in essence, your organization cannot be resilient if your workforce isn’t.


Training and Development is the Need of the Hour


The first step towards ensuring that your business stays competitive in an evolved economy is focusing on your employees.


Understanding the current as well as future needs of your business can enable you to re-evaluate existing training programs and create learning pathways that focus on the skills of tomorrow.


This will not only help you move ahead confidently but also show your employees that their learning and development is important to your organization.


As learning is virtual for the time being, you also need to pay close attention to the platforms you choose, the feedback methods you have in place, and the time you allocate.


Getting the ‘Right’ Talent On-board


In addition to skills development programs, sometimes you also need new talent to ensure that you have the right skill set to keep your business relevant and competitive.


In this case, you can always rely on us!


Through our efficient, and accurate educational history verifications, reference checks, and credit history verifications, we can help you bring the perfect candidate on-board quickly.


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