An applicant tracking system is a valuable tool for HR professionals because it streamlines the recruitment process from beginning to end. Typically, an applicant tracking system handles posting openings to multiple job boards, stores applicant data, and screening applications for potential matches.

But did you know background checks can also be integrated into an applicant tracking system? Many HR professionals working with B-level lenders like credit unions and finance companies, for instance, use SaaS-based background solutions to optimize their recruitment process.

Here’s what you need to know.

A Faster and More Thorough Recruitment Process

It is estimated that nearly 4 million Canadians have a criminal record. A criminal record check is a valuable piece of due diligence to ensure you’re hiring reputable candidates.

However, since, according to Glassdoor, the average corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes, consistently performing that due diligence can become overwhelming. Recruiters need a streamlined process that vets applicants without grinding recruitment efforts to a halt.

That’s the advantage of integrating background checks into your applicant tracking system. You will receive updates in real-time, updating you as soon as a background check is complete. Further, because it’s in one software, you don’t need to go back and forth between different interfaces.

Better Data

Integrating background checks into your applicant tracking system also improves data collection.

For instance, you can use information from your applicant tracking system that your applicant provided to pre-populate data fields for a background check, reducing time otherwise spent manually entering data in a separate interface.

Also, because your data is now streamlined, there is less chance for errors, duplications, and redundancies. This helps you comply with labour and employment laws because having all this sensitive data in one location makes it easier to secure.

And with all your data in one location, it is more convenient to run analytics. You now have end-to-end visibility of your entire hiring process, facilitating comprehensive reporting. Now your team has complete transparency into timelines, candidate profiles, and more!

Integrate Industry-Leading Background Checks Into Your Applicant Tracking System

Triton offers background checks with industry-leading turnaround times. Even better, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your applicant tracking system.

Whether you use Workday, BambooHR, iCIMS, SuccessFactors, Workable, or another applicant tracking system, we can help you hire efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

We can also help keep costs low during the migration. Call 1-855-832-5891 or visit our website to learn more.