Employers want to ensure that they are hiring good employees, and one effective method is through conducting social media background checks. Through such checks, an employer can get to know about your personality, character, behaviour, online conduct, and other valuable information, especially when in-person interactions are limited due to remote work arrangements.

In fact, studies indicate that 58% of employers said they found information online that helped them decide on a particular candidate. Social media background check is an effective measure to check the worthiness of a potential candidate online and match the information that’s given on the resume.

Social Media Checks and You

Now more than ever, Canadian companies are also requesting social media background checks. What if you could obtain your own background check and present it to potential employers, leaving them with no reason to overlook your candidacy?

Triton puts the power of social media background checks in your hands. With Triton, you can conduct social media background checks on your own and receive a detailed report that provides an in-depth analysis of your online presence. With Triton, you can be assured of:

       1.  An Intuitive and Secure Process for Screening

In addition to the complete report, Triton offers an intuitive and secure screening process that ensures the privacy of your personal data. We investigate your social media channels and verify each and everything to come up with a detailed report that is ready-to-use, accurate, and gives your employer what they need to make the right decision about you.

       2.  Streamlining the Hiring Process

For employers, conducting social media background checks can be time-consuming, requiring them to manually scour the internet for relevant information about candidates, not to mention it can also raise compliance issues.

When applying for jobs, you want to leave no stone unturned. Triton’s service minimizes the time spent on these checks by providing a neatly compiled report. A pre-compiled social media background check can speed up the hiring process and increase your chances of securing the position.

      3.  A Combination of Software Automation and Social Media Analysts

Triton uses a combination of advanced software automation and social media analysts. These experts identify key trends and patterns using vast amounts of data. This is then compiled in a concise, actionable report showing your online behaviour and persona. Our resources guarantee the integration of both technology and expertise throughout the entire process.

When applying for jobs, you need to be proactive and one step ahead. Knowing these background checks is just the right thing your employer might need to make an informed decision about you. Use Triton for accurate, fast, and secure background checks. Learn more.