Nursing continues to be in high demand across Canada. As of July 2023, reports indicate that the country is looking to hire 117,000 nurses by 2030. This could mean that the scope of nursing is open everywhere in Canada, and therefore, knowing how to land your first job can really make a difference. Here are a few pointers nurses can prioritize to land their first job. 

1. Apply for Jobs on LinkedIn and Twitter

Nursing job opportunities can be found on almost every job posting platform, including LinkedIn and Twitter. For better results, you can search and apply for jobs in the last 24 hours to help you get considered in the first round of selection. 

Make sure that when you apply, you must be clear and concise in your applications. Highlight your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications for specific roles like patient care, urgent and emergency care, confidentiality, and more that are relevant to your job. These skills, as reported by, are frequently sought after in the nursing field and can increase your chances of being noticed by employers. 

2. Consider Shift Patterns and Location

Nursing jobs often include positions like night shifts, travel, bilingual field nurse roles, and more. Before applying for a job, consider the requirements and commitments and only apply if you can commit 100% to the role. Make sure you have a commuting plan in place if you’re offered a night shift job so you can arrive for your shift on time. 

3. Utilize Networking and Career Fairs 

One excellent way to boost your employment prospects is to go to nursing career fairs and networking events. This helps you meet professionals in the field who might help you with a recent opportunity they know. These gatherings often help to exchange information, explore job openings, and build connections that can benefit your job search. Also, a lot of colleges and nursing schools offer career services or student portals that can help you find job openings and get in touch with alumni who might be willing to help you with your job search.

4. Consider Volunteering and Part-Time Opportunities

If you’re struggling to secure your first nursing job, think about volunteering or part-time positions to gain experience. According to, this can be a great way to build your resume, network with professionals, and show that you’re committed to the field. Even though these jobs might not be full-time, they can increase your chances of finding a permanent position and open doors to future opportunities. 

5. Familiarize Yourself with Policies and Paperwork

Every healthcare facility has its own set of policies and paperwork, and before starting your first job, it’s important to know these policies and the required paperwork. For instance, as part of the hiring process, all healthcare facilities require a resume and background checks. In fact, conducting healthcare background checks is a necessity, reports Being proactive and having a background check completed before applying for jobs can help speed up the hiring process. 

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