If you’re looking for summer jobs for students, you’re probably a student, and this may even be your first time looking.

Summer jobs for students are abundant. However, according to Statistica, there are over 930,000 students aged 20-24 in Canada, and many would likely appreciate a second income, so the competition is fierce.

Companies recruiting for summer jobs are under tight timelines. They need fill critical positions by the time the summer season begins. The closer we come to that time, the more aggressive companies become with their recruitment process.

To gain a competitive edge and distinguish yourself from other candidates, ensure you’re fully prepared for the job. You can do this in the following ways:

Update your social media. Social sites such as LinkedIn serve as online resumes. Make sure you shine by including a professional profile picture. Update your profile with all your education and work experience. Confirm the information on your contact card. If you switch your status to “Job Hunting,” LinkedIn will place a graphic around your profile icon to show potential employers you’re in the market.

Ensure your resume is up-to-date. If you don’t have paid job experience, supplement your resume with relevant volunteer opportunities, co-op assignments and other background that shows you can get the job done. Prepare a personalized cover letter explaining why you’re a good fit for the role.

Gather your transcripts. If your education is an asset or relevant to the role (i.e., you’re studying finance and are looking for a part-time summer job at a bank), transcripts indicating successful completion of financial courses may be of value.

Ensure your references are in order. Letters of reference provide employers with a bird’s eye view of what others think of you and go further than reference names and phone numbers. If you’re light on work experience, try obtaining references from professors and co-op placements that highlight your reliability and the fact that you learn quickly.

Obtain your background checks. Most employers will obtain your criminal record check and your social media background check. Both background checks look for historical behaviours and habits that are consistent or inconsistent with what employers seek in a candidate. By obtaining your background checks before you go job hunting, you step up to the table, proving your quality as a candidate. Fortunately, these background checks are easily and quickly obtainable online.

Be ready to sell yourself. Have a hard copy and a digital version of your package and show that summer job opportunity you’re the best choice!

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