The Ultimate Job Search Guide for 2023

January 16 2023

With so many job vacancies and such low unemployment numbers, it’s strange to hear that many job seekers are having no luck. Shouldn’t now be an ideal time?

An increase in job vacancies has been trending since the 2008 recession. For most of the past decade, there were on average six job seekers per job posting. That number was almost cut in half by 2017. Then, in the summer of 2021, the ratio between job vacancies and job seekers became 1:1 and has held steady ever since.

This sounds like a great time to be a job seeker, but fears of a recession have led some companies to either conduct layoffs, freeze hiring, or rescind job offers.

Here are five tips to help you navigate a topsy-turvy job market.

The Ultimate Job Search Guide for 2023

  1. Broaden Your Scope

With so many job openings, it’s important not to fixate on that one dream job. For instance, if you’re a software developer, instead of working for a tech giant like Google, try looking at several smaller startups.

Likewise, if you’re able to field multiple offers you’re in a better position to negotiate a salary.

  1. Do Your Homework

Evaluate companies like a stock portfolio. Research potential employers and evaluate their performance. Are they well-positioned to endure a recession, or are they likely to lay off employees?

It’s also important to come into the interview ready to ask probing questions. Don’t be afraid to ask a company about its plans for handling a possible recession.

  1. Adjust Your Applications

Part of doing your homework means editing your resume to clearly show you’re an obvious fit for this role. Your resume isn’t a tattoo; you can change it as you see fit. Now, that doesn’t give you permission to lie. Rather, you should review the posting, identify any keywords or specific skills they’re looking for, and tailor your resume accordingly to show how your strengths fit the role.

A hiring manager should look at your resume, slap their forehead, and say, “Of course!”

  1. Clean Up Your Social Media

Many companies nowadays are conducting social media background checks to determine if a candidate is a good cultural fit. Candidates who have offensive content, lewd posts, or pictures of them acting inappropriately could take themselves out of the running for a position.

You may feel like this is unfair, but the truth is you put that content out there for the world to see. Either adjust your privacy settings or review your profiles for inappropriate material.

  1. Have Your Criminal Background Check Ready

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