Many background check providers have a long, drawn-out account set up process that involves submitting a form, contacting sales, filling out paperwork, calls and meetings. It can take up to a week to get set up with a business account to obtain background checks online. Not with Triton.

With Triton, you simply go to and:

Select business:


Then, you follow the steps where you will be guided through:

1.  Company information
2.  Billing information
3.  Users
4.  All products and pricing
5.  Master services agreement
6.  Review
7.  Digital signature

Once submitted, our client success team will validate your information, set up your user credentials and everything will be sent to you by email within one business day.

Note that there is no cost to register for Triton Background Checks. Our service is pay-per-use, so you only pay for the checks and verifications obtained on the platform.

When creating an account, you can select one of two billing options. Either you pay for the criminal record check or the individual can pay for the criminal record check. This is especially advantageous for organizations that have memberships or staff that work independently like real estate and mortgage brokerages, for example.

Now you have received your credentials, what’s next?

Logging into our portal, you will see that you have access to our complete range of background checks all in one place:

  • Criminal record checks
  • Employment history verification
  • Education history verification
  • Credit checks
  • Reference checks
  • Driver abstracts
  • Social media checks
  • ID Verification and more

Here, you can request any check or verification online, on our portal 24-7.

You can trust in our results. We are the vendor for the Ontario Government and we offer the most current, accurate and most widely accepted background checks in the industry. Security, accessibility and compliance are paramount, which is why we are SOC2, PIPEDA, PCI, GDRP, CASL and WCAG compliant.

Oh, and let’s talk service! We offer unparalleled service and support, whether you want to brainstorm the right combination of checks for your business, review pricing based on volume, or perhaps require training – we’ve got you covered!

You have everything to gain by becoming a Triton customer. Want to learn more or get registered now? Visit