An estimated 40% of applicants lie on their resumes, and three out of four employers have caught these lies.


People might lie to exaggerate job titles, hide gaps in their employment history, claim language fluency, or inflate their skills and abilities.


These kinds of information are hard to identify during the application and interview process because you  can prepare and be selective with the information you share with your recruiters. You might choose to hide gaps or exaggerate information to make yourself stand out more.


However, recruiters and employers need to have an in-depth and accurate understanding of your employment history to determine whether you have the qualifications and experience to perform the job well.


This is where an employment history verification comes in.


An employment history verification is a type of background check that provides comprehensive information about your employment history. Its primary goal is to confirm details about you and the past employment history that you provided in your resume.


When employers conduct an employment history verification, they will receive information about your past companies, the positions you held, the dates of employment, reasons for leaving, and more.


Depending on regulations and restrictions, an employment history verification can also show the candidate’s salary in their past jobs. For example, when conducting employment history verifications in Canada, employers will receive your previous salary information.


The information reported provides employers with a detailed outlook of your employment history and whether the information matches what you included on your resume and application.


If there are discrepancies, it could indicate red flags that you have to explain or make employers less inclined to hire you.


It doesn’t guarantee that you are rejected from the job position, but any inaccurate or undisclosed information gives employers a bad impression. If there is anything employers should know, use your judgment to determine when is the best time for you to inform your recruiter. You could have valid reasons for any employment gaps or other undisclosed information that employers want to hear.


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