Recruiters have a big responsibility on their shoulders. They need to filter applications, review resumes, conduct interviews, screen candidates, and onboard new hires.


Most of the time, recruiters have a list of qualifications and points they want to see when interacting with candidates.


You have probably wondered what exactly recruiters are looking for during an interview. You have also probably wondered whether you can increase your chances of being hired if you give recruiters the things they want to see.


In reality, it’s not so black and white. Just because you meet all the qualifications and check all the boxes, you aren’t guaranteed the job.


However, knowing what recruiters want can help you prepare for the interview process.


Here are some of the common things that your recruiters want to know.


Your Interest in the Job


Recruiters don’t just want a qualified candidate, but they also want someone passionate and dedicated about the role.


Picking a job that interests you makes you more inclined to perform well and have better productivity.


Show your recruiter why their job description excites you and why you would love to be a part of the organization.


You Have Confidence


Your goal is to sell yourself as a subject matter expert. The recruiter should feel confident in your abilities to deliver the job responsibilities well and become an integral team member.


Even if you don’t have all the necessary experiences, be confident in your abilities and show that you can and are ready to provide real value.


Willingness to Learn


It’s okay if you don’t meet all the qualifications the recruiter is looking for in a candidate.


It’s hard to find a candidate that’s 100% compatible and perfect for a job position. The most important thing to show your recruiter is that you’re willing to learn and put effort into improving yourself.


Talk about situations where you were thrown into the deep end and had to learn new skills on the job. Prove to your recruiter that you are resourceful and know how to navigate situations that you’re unfamiliar with.


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