Background checks are an important part of the hiring process for any employer and business.


It helps employers screen candidates to determine their qualifications and to verify the accuracy of candidate information.


There are many different types of background checks employers can request from potential candidates based on the requirements of their industry, business, and roles.


Criminal Background Checks


Criminal background checks help ensure candidates have a clean background by identifying criminal convictions and findings of guilt under the Canadian Criminal Code and the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Employment History Verifications


An employment history verification provides employers with a complete understanding of a candidate’s employment record, including their past employers, positions held, employment length, reasons for departure, and more. They are also used to verify the accuracy of the information on a candidate’s application form.


Education History Verifications


Education is an indicator of a candidate’s skills and knowledge. In addition, certain jobs require special certifications such as real estate agents and accountants. An education history verification includes a candidate’s credentials, expertise, qualifications, degrees, and institutions. This information helps employers determine if candidates can perform their job well.


Credit Check Verifications


Credit check verifications provide information about a candidate’s financial status, such as their credit score, bankruptcies, payment histories, collections, liens, and more. This is especially important when screening for tenants that need to pay rent on time and for jobs that require the handling of cash and other sensitive information.


Reference Check Verifications


References are people that can vouch for the reputation of a candidate. Many employers ask for references from a candidate’s past employers to determine how well they can perform their job. With up to 30% of resumes containing exaggerated or inaccurate information, it can also determine if the employment history information on a candidate’s resume is accurate to ensure they have the experience and expertise required.


Driver’s Abstracts


A driver’s abstract is required when a job entails hiring drivers. A driver’s abstract confirms information about a candidate’s driving record, such as their personal information, license status, driving history, driving infractions, current demerit points, and more. This helps employers hire responsible drivers the ensure the safety of all employees.


Pre-Employment Screenings


Pre-employment screenings reveal a candidate’s criminal history, work infractions, qualifications, and more. It helps employers verify the accuracy of candidate information to hire responsible and trustworthy employees. It also protects employers from liability.


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