Where Can I Get an RCMP Criminal Record Check Near Me?

February 06 2023

Have you recently been offered a job? You applied, went through the interview process, and the employer is ready to take you on. But before the onboarding can begin they’re requesting a criminal record check as a final bit of due diligence.

Now you may be wondering “where can I get an RCMP criminal record check near me?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that you can actually get your criminal record check in minutes without leaving the house. Here’s how.

Can I go in person to get an RCMP criminal record check near me?

For many places in Canada, the answer is yes. Local police services will often offer in-person criminal record checks.

If your community has its own municipal police service then it may have its own criminal record check process. Nonetheless, these checks will still use the RCMP’s Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system as well as other national and local databases. So, it will satisfy most criminal record check requests.

For most police services, you’ll need to present two pieces of valid pieces of identification to request a criminal record check. Usually, both pieces of identification must include your name and your date of birth. One must have a photo and one must reflect your current address as listed on your online request.

That being said, be sure to confirm with your local police service what they need before making your request.

Further, processing times and fees can vary between services. Processing times can also be impacted by volumes of requests.

Can I get an RCMP criminal record check online?

If you’d prefer to complete your criminal record check from home, then you’re in luck. Triton can get you the results you need in 15 minutes or less. We use RCMP guidelines so you can be confident your information will be accurate and protected.

Simply fill in your information, pay using our secure methods, and you’ll receive your results by email. It’s really that simple! And with our new app, the process got even easier. Visit our website to get yours today.