Following a recent report from Statistics Canada, it is likely that employers will become more inclined to request a criminal record check in Winnipeg.

In 2021, There were 61 homicides in Manitoba, a rate of 4.41 per 100,000 people. The only province with a higher rate was Saskatchewan with 5.93 per 100,000 people. And of those 61 murders, 43 happened in Winnipeg, putting it third behind Regina and Thunder Bay for the highest homicide rates in Canadian metropolitan areas.

And after a shooting in November 2022, Winnipeg reached 45 homicides, a new record.

Cst. Claude Chancy of the Winnipeg Police Service attributed the rising trend to several underlying issues such as substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol, and gang activity. Furthermore, the pandemic and subsequent inflation have put a lot of pressure on vulnerable people, disrupting many routines and coping systems.

Why You’ll Need Criminal Record Check in Winnipeg

Considering this rise in homicides in addition to concerns regarding their underlying causes, it’s only natural that employers in Winnipeg would want to take extra due diligence when hiring new employees. Hence why a criminal record check in Winnipeg is likely to become more common.

If you’ve never had to do a criminal record check before, don’t worry, the process is straightforward. Most positions that don’t involve work with children or vulnerable persons require a name-based criminal record check (CRC). A CRC uses your name and date of birth to check the Canadian Police Information Centre and other national and local databases.

And if this is the first time an employer has requested a criminal record check, it’s important not to take it personally. As the process becomes quicker and easier thanks to advanced technology, it is becoming standard practice for employers. They’re simply being thorough.

Finally, just because you have a criminal record doesn’t mean you’re automatically disqualified for a job. According to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, “the onus is on the employer or service provider to establish that the existence of the criminal charge or conviction is a reasonable disqualification.”

Employers must take into consideration whether the offence is relevant to the position, the circumstances of the offence, how much time has elapsed since conviction, the severity of the crime, and more. So, don’t give up on yourself.

Get Your Criminal Record Check Quickly

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