As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has exploded in Canada, especially in urban centers like Toronto. In fact, we are almost two years into the global pandemic and more than 4 million Canadians are still working from home. BlogTO reported in November 2021 that almost 80% of employees in downtown Toronto continue to work from home.

Working from home carries huge benefits to both companies and employees, from lower facilities costs for employers, to reduced commute times and transportation costs for staff, and the ability to be closer to their families.

Remote work is becoming commonplace in many industries ranging from education, to healthcare, to technology. It was recently reported that Toronto and Vancouver rank among the top three job creators in high tech space in North America, with Toronto adding more than 40,000 new jobs in the tech industry.

This has left some wondering, will employers that traditionally require a criminal background check still require one in a work-from-home scenario? The short answer is yes.

If you planning to work from home, a lot of what you will likely be doing is on the computer, and that means you will most likely be accessing data. Any company that is enabling you to access their data, and in many cases that of their members, patients, students, customers, etc., may want to see your criminal background check, so you should be prepared.

We are in an even more digital world then ever. Many employers are making hiring decisions via Zoom and without even meeting the candidate in person. Much of the hiring process is digital. Lucky for you, so is the process to obtain your criminal background check.

Traditionally one had to visit the police station to obtain their criminal background check, but now you can obtain yours quickly online using Triton Canada’s virtual solution.

The process is easy:

– Visit

– Fill in Personal Information – This includes legal names, contact information, birthday, gender, and place of birth.

– Enter Payment Details –Pay for your online criminal background check using Triton’s secure system. The fee is $49.95.

– Receive Results via Email – You will receive your results via email in 15 minutes.

As you can see, it has never been easier to obtain your criminal background check. If you are applying for a work-from-home position that requires one, you now have all the information you need to get obtain it.

For more information on criminal background checks or to obtain yours today please visit