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Employment Background Checks (History Verifications)

Hire qualified candidates with verified employment histories.

Records of Employment in Canada

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Canada's Leader in Employment Background Checks / History Verifications

10% of employment history verifications contain at least one serious flag, and you want to be aware of that 10%. When hiring for your company’s future, you should get an in-depth understanding of a candidate’s past.

A candidate’s employment history,  including reasons for departure and length of employment, provides a snapshot of whether a candidate is hardworking, reliable, and committed. It also determines whether a candidate has the experience to perform the job well and verifies candidate information. With a quick Triton employment background check (history verification), you can easily receive a candidate’s employment record to ensure only the most qualified hires are made every time.

Learn more about how our detailed employment background check/history verification solution can help eliminate uncertainties in the hiring process.

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