With layoffs in the tech sector and talks of an oncoming recession, it may seem like hiring could be slowing down. But according to a recent Robert Half survey of 1,450 managers, over half said they anticipated adding new permanent roles in early 2023, a 40% increase from six months ago. Another 42% are looking to fill vacant positions.

But despite being eager to hire, 9 in 10 managers said it’s been challenging to fill these roles. Competition for talented candidates is fierce right now in a historically tight labour market. Staffing agencies are keen to get an edge for their clients.

As such, here are seven recruiting solutions every staffing agency needs to be competitive in 2023.

1.  Criminal Background Checks

Four million Canadians have a criminal record. And while that shouldn’t automatically disqualify them from a job, employers need to know if an applicant’s past convictions are relevant to their potential duties.

A criminal background check shows a person’s convictions, arrest warrants, outstanding charges, and other criminal records. Triton’s criminal background check uses information from the RCMP database and can be completed in 15 minutes or less.

2.  Employment Background Checks

According to one survey, nearly 80% of job seekers mispresented themselves on their job applications. Employers can’t afford to hire unqualified employees. And if they’re willing to lie on their application, their dishonesty likely won’t stop there.

An employment background check will confirm a candidate’s information, employment history, reasons for departure as well as whether the candidate is hardworking, reliable, and committed.

3.  Education History Verifications

In a survey of 300 hiring managers and business owners, respondents identified education as one of the most common areas candidates lie. Most often, job seekers will claim to have obtained a degree before they’ve completed the program.

4.  Credit Check Verifications

A whopping 95% of businesses deal with some form of employee theft. And the two most common red flags often associated with employee theft include living beyond their means and financial difficulties.

Credit check verifications provide a snapshot of a candidate’s financial behaviour by revealing their financial status, credit rating, reported bankruptcies, collections, liens, and more.

5.  Reference Check Verifications

According to a Robert Half survey of 600 senior managers, 32% of respondents said they’d removed a job candidate from consideration after a reference check.

A reference check is a great way to confirm if a candidate is the right fit, but it’s important to ask the right questions. Delegating reference checks to a qualified third party will ensure you’re gaining a complete understanding of a candidate while freeing up valuable time from your already busy HR team.

6.  Driving Record Abstracts

If you’re hiring for a role that requires commercial drivers to use a company motor vehicle, you need to ensure they’re responsible drivers. More than 90% of accidents are caused by human error. You want drivers who can deliver your merchandise, transport clients, and represent your company.

Driving record abstracts detail a candidate’s license status, driving history, infractions, active suspensions, and fines.

7.  Social Media Background Checks

One of the hot topics nowadays in recruiting is building a positive work environment. Job seekers want to work in a place where they’re confident they’ll be respected and welcomed.

Social media background checks are a great way to see if a candidate is a cultural fit for your organization. They can reveal red flags not normally found using traditional background checks. Indeed, nearly 80% of HR professionals have denied a candidate because of inappropriate online activity.

Easily Integrate All These Recruitment Solutions

In addition to offering all these recruitment solutions with industry-leading turnaround times, Triton’s pre-employment screening checks can all be seamlessly integrated into any of your existing HR software.

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