While what we saw in Sci-Fi movies is not a reality (yet), technology has enabled us to do much more than we thought was possible a few years ago.


Self-driving vehicles, ultra-fast connectivity, and smart homes … so much has become possible with the advancements in technology.


Artificial Intelligence is changing how businesses do things.


Today, a number of businesses are seriously considering implementing AI-based solutions into their HR function. In fact, the Artificial Intelligence Survey from Gartner shows that 17% of organizations are using AI in HR and another 30% are planning to do so by 2022.


So, what are some exciting developments when it comes to AI and HR? Continue reading to find out!


Enhancing Candidate Screening


According to Ideal, 52% of talent acquisition leaders feel that the most difficult part of the recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.


Well … gone are the days of sifting through a pile of resumes and spending hours trying to compare profiles.


AI has truly streamlined the screening process. AI-based software can obtain preliminary information, organize it, and share it with you to help you gauge if a certain candidate is suitable for the job.


This not only reduces the overall time of the hiring process but can also enhance the candidate experience.


On-boarding Made Easy


Another area, where AI can come in handy is on-boarding. Especially during a global pandemic, where most employees are working from home, AI can help you onboard new employees quickly and efficiently.


AI can enable you to customize the onboarding process to meet the specific needs of a new employee and provide them with the required information about their role, share details of their team members, provide them documents about policies and protocols, manage permissions, and more!


Better Learning and Training


Another key area where companies are leveraging AI, especially during the era of remote work, is training and development. Some of the benefits of AI programs include:


-E-learning – As the skills required for jobs evolve, AI can assess the requirements and help upskill the employees quickly. For instance, it can recommend videos or learning programs to the employees.

-Data-driven approach – AI can analyze a wealth of data to provide you with insights on which trainings are useful for your staff.


Automate Administrative Tasks


Lastly, and most importantly, AI can enable you to automate repetitive tasks.


Once mundane tasks are automated, you have more time to spend on planning and devising strategies for addressing skills gaps and resource planning.


As you navigate the exciting world of technologies, we have your back when it comes to hiring the right candidates. Through our online background checks solutions, you can always be sure that you are making informed hiring decisions!


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