Education is one of the key considerations that hiring managers have when screening and interviewing potential candidates.


Throughout the school years, candidates learn valuable soft and hard skills that can be transferred to the workplace. They also gain experience solving problems that they might encounter in their careers and gain the knowledge they need to specialize in the industry of their choice.


As recruiters, you want to ensure your candidates have the right educational qualifications for the role you’re hiring.


That’s where an education verification check comes into play.


Ensure Qualified Candidates


Some jobs might require professional licenses to be hired. For example, individuals need a real estate license to become a realtor, a law degree to become a lawyer, a CPA to become an accountant, or a medical license to become a doctor.


To ensure that your candidates have the necessary education and certifications to take on the job.


Not only are education verification checks useful for pre-screening employees, but you can also use them to rescreen current employees.


It is particularly beneficial if an employee is switching roles within the company or if candidates need to renew their licenses.


For example, real estate agents in Ontario must renew their licenses every 2 years. Education verification checks will ensure your employees continuously stay qualified in their roles.


Verify Accuracy of Candidate Information


The job market is incredibly challenging and sometimes candidates will exaggerate their educational background to make themselves seem more qualified.


Education verification checks will verify that candidates have accurately reported their education history, including institution names, dates, and degrees.


Other types of information you can find from an education verification check include exaggerated certifications, gaps in the candidate’s educational background, and more.


If you find any discrepancies and red flags, it could be a sign that the candidate isn’t as honest or qualified as you thought.


Save Resources During and After the Hiring Process 


Hiring candidates require a lot of time and money that many departments spend to facilitate the recruitment process.


You want to avoid bad hires as they will be more costly to replace once they’re hired. If you compare the costs of onboarding a bad hire with the cost it takes to screen employees, you’ll want to conduct thorough background checks on everyone you hire.


By conducting thorough education verification checks when screening and rescreening employees, you’ll be able to catch any red flags before they snowball into bigger problems.


With Triton Canada’s background check solutions, you can quickly get a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s educational background before you onboard them. Our education verification checks seamlessly integrate with your existing applicant tracking system to streamline your hiring process so you can grow confidently.


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