Trust is foundational in the healthcare industry. Patients trust that the professionals taking care of them are qualified and ethical, while employers trust the doctors, nurses, and many other practitioners in the industry are acting in good faith and in the best interest of patients. Triton offers background check solutions so employers know they can trust candidates with sensitive patient information, clinical data, equipment, and the health of vulnerable individuals.

Confirming Credentials

A woman named Brigitte Cleroux was recently charged by police for impersonating a nurse at a medical and dental clinic in Ottawa. Among her crimes, she allegedly administered medication and injections to patients who didn’t know she was unqualified to do so.

Cleroux used multiple aliases and assumed identities of registered nurses that she fraudulently obtained. For thirty years, Cleroux had impersonated nurses and even a teacher across three provinces and two American states. Police were tipped off by employers who called to check on Cleroux’s background or credentials.

Triton offers criminal background checks, employment background checks, education history verifications, and reference check verifications. Due diligence can help find any red flags about a candidate who may be misrepresenting themselves.

Identifying Potential Fraudsters

Homecare workers are entrusted to enter the homes of vulnerable patients. Some of these individuals are susceptible to fraud and theft because they are sometimes alone and confined to a bed.

A personal support worker in Windsor was charged with sixteen counts of theft and fraud, having allegedly taken advantage of an elderly female client. The woman notified police after she note unauthorized transactions on her credit card. Police believe there could be more victims given the suspect’s employment as a homecare worker.

Triton offers credit check verifications, which can provide employers insight into a candidate’s financial status, credit rating, reported bankruptcies, collections, liens, and more. Understanding a client’s financial behaviour is important when they are in the position of accessing a client’s money.

Breaking Confidentiality

Patients trust healthcare workers to keep any information strictly confidential. Unfortunately, there have been instances of healthcare workers sharing patient information on social media, leading to termination.

An Ontario nurse was found guilty of professional misconduct after posting personal information about a patient along with negative comments about the patient’s behaviour to publicly accessible website. Another hospital employee was fired for posting information about a patient’s death on social media.

Triton’s social media background check allows employers to identify candidates who may be inclined to share inappropriate or confidential information online.

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