Canada’s law enforcement is dealing with rapidly changing demographics, socio-political challenges, public expectations, and more. New advancements in police technology can help officers and staff keep the public safe.

Police Technology

A lot of the public discourse around police technology has been focused on how it applies in the field. For example, many police departments around the world have begun adopting artificial intelligence for surveillance and predictive policing. Studies show that AI could potentially help cities reduce crime by as much as 40 per cent while reducing emergency response times by up to 35 per cent.

These advancements are certainly promising and exciting to consider, but it is also important to look at ways law enforcement can use sophisticated software to optimize clerical operations to boost performance.

Statistics Canada noted that police expenditures per capita since 1996, with higher salary and non-salary costs contributing to greater operating costs overall. Also, a recent study from IDC analyzing Canadian law enforcement’s information management “stressed the need for an integrated and comprehensive regional/national information management ecosystem in which entity information is consolidated and shared instantly, securely, and seamlessly. Crime is increasingly mobile and does not abide by organizational, geographical or jurisdictional boundaries.”

Some regions still rely on paper-based systems and outdated technology, leading to expensive, inefficient roadblocks like duplicate and triplicate data entry and labourious manual processes.

Embracing innovation, digital initiatives, and workforce transformation will help keep costs down while delivering faster, better service. Modern law enforcement agencies cannot afford siloed information systems impeding communication, making operations slow, labour-intensive, and expensive.

We Can Help

Triton’s fully end-to-end SaaS for law enforcement agencies will drive operational efficiency for your department.

Our background solutions enable complete automation for over-the-counter and online checks, reducing clerical work while providing online processing and paperless data collection. Integrating into other national databases will break down information silos, improving communication and efficiency. Triton has a national network of RCMP and local police department contacts.

Our industry-leading turnaround times for criminal record checks mean law enforcement offices can provide background checks in just fifteen minutes. For internal purposes, Triton provides many background checks for vetting new recruits, including education history verifications, reference checks, social media background checks, and more.

Further, our solutions can integrate into any applicant tracking system and HR software, streamlining your hiring and onboarding processes.

To learn more about how Triton can help with your police technology needs, call 1-855-929-1151 or visit our website.