When it comes to hiring, small businesses often find themselves in a unique position. Usually, they are not looking to hire employees every month. With an average of 2-5 new hires within a 6-month period, small businesses require background check solutions that are quick, secure, and provide accurate results without any hidden fees.

Background Checks for Small Businesses—A Need

Small businesses must prioritize background checks, especially given that everyone works closely together. It’s important to have a complete understanding of an individual’s history and legal background for a healthy work environment. Making a wrong hiring decision can disrupt the workflow and create lasting issues that small businesses simply cannot afford.

Triton is Canada’s leading background check solution, and we understand the unique requirements of small businesses. As a result, we provide an affordable, quick, and dependable solution that can be integrated into your online infrastructure/workflow or accessed online. Here’s how Triton can be your invaluable partner in making sure you hire quality talent quickly and efficiently.

1.  Hiring Quality Talent Fast

Time is of the essence when you’re running a small business. You can’t simply afford to waste time waiting for results from your provider. You need a dependable system where you can get background check reports as you need them. Begin today with Triton’s small business background checks, which are simple to set up, easy to use, and always accurate.

2.  Have Hassle-Free Checks

Our background checks are designed to be quick and efficient so small businesses can make their urgent decisions. You can easily sign up, use our user-friendly and easy-to-understand platform, and receive results within the mentioned timeframe. Whether you need to hire just a few employees or several hundred, Triton’s small business background checks provide the solution you need to make informed hiring decisions.

3.  Only Pay for What You Need

It costs nothing to open an account at Triton. Once the account is opened, you can pay for and receive reports using the same account you used to request background checks. When your reports are finished, you can view them in your account. Our platform also ensures that you only pay for the services you need and nothing more.

4.  Full Suite of Screening Services

Triton doesn’t just stop at basic background checks—we provide a full suite of screening services for your specific needs. You can trust Triton to handle your background checks, employment solutions, driver abstracts, credit checks, social media checks, and more

5. Compliance, Security, and Accuracy with Triton

Small business owners often worry about compliance with various regulations. Triton automated compliance is built into the system and gives peace of mind to our consumers that they’re following all the necessary rules and guidelines.