The hiring process has become more complicated as workplace issues have grown more complex. Companies doing their due diligence on employees are looking to avoid issues like workplace harassment down the road. But criminal background checks alone won’t reveal indicators of toxic behaviour unless a candidate broke any laws—and whether it was reported.

Fortunately, social media screenings provide employers with a powerful tool to better understand a candidate. Triton’s social media screenings will identify red flags that aren’t usually found with traditional background checks.

Find the Right Cultural Fit

Unfortunately, just about every manager has a story about a candidate who had great qualifications and nailed the interview, only to turn out to be a nightmare on the job. Perhaps it was a discriminatory attitude towards co-workers or making disparaging remarks about the company online.

Our social media screening can determine whether a candidate has a track record of making inappropriate public posts about their employer. We can also check for indications of racist, sexist, or homophobic attitudes. This will help ensure you’re creating a safe and positive work environment.

Save Money

In addition to impacting company culture, a bad hire can hurt your bottom line.

On average, it costs over $4,000 and takes over forty days to fill an open position. On top of that, the direct costs of replacing an employee can range from 20 per cent of the annual salary for mid-level employees to over 200 per cent for high-level. Indirect costs include lost productivity, reduced morale, and damaged reputation.

And not only will Triton’s social media screening help you save money by avoiding a bad hire, by delegating this task to a trained team will allow your HR professionals to focus on what they do best.

Reduce Risk

Social media screenings aren’t as simple as logging into Facebook and Twitter and searching a candidate’s profile. Once a HR professional looks at a candidate’s online presence, they have viewed the candidate’s protected class information such as race, gender, religion, familial status, etc. Denying employment can then open you up to potential discrimination lawsuits.

Our FCRA-compliant social media screenings will automatically remove any protected class information before sending you a report, eliminating bias from your hiring decisions as much as possible.

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