Between time in class, grading papers, answering emails, and more, teachers often work over 50 hours a week. So, for many, summer is a time to unwind after a busy school year.

However, for others, it’s an opportunity to earn extra money. Summer jobs for teachers are a great way to add income on your own terms.

Interested in taking on a side hustle during your time off? Here are some potential summer jobs for teachers to consider.

Summer Jobs for Teachers

  • Summer school

A summer position within your school district is a great way to maintain continuity during the summer. You’ll likely be working with familiar colleagues and students. Further, this is a great opportunity to bolster your resume and network.

Beyond your school district, there are summer school opportunities at local colleges teaching English as a second language, for example.

  • Tutoring

If you feel like you need a change of scenery from your workplace, tutoring will provide extra flexibility. Many students and parents are looking to get ready for the next school year. You can set up a private service or work for an established business.

  • Babysitting

For most professionals, summer means having to find someone to look after their kids for eight weeks during the working day. Teachers, especially those who often work with younger kids, are in a great position to provide babysitting services during the summer months.

  • Service industry

Summer is the peak time of year for most bars and restaurants, creating a big need for extra staff. Teachers can swap out the chalk for the beer tap and earn some extra tips.

  • Manual labour

Summer is also a peak time for labour-intensive industries like construction. Many of these positions don’t require specific certifications, so it’s ideal for teachers capable of performing manual labour.

  • Freelance writer

Freelancing provides the ultimate flexibility, and it doesn’t require any special accreditation, just the ability to write well. Teachers can draw on their knowledge to write about their profession or the subjects they teach for guest blogs, newspapers, or magazines.

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