Pandemic-related supply chain issues have driven inflation all around the world, and higher costs in shipping along with delays have also driven up prices. In addition to all of this, supply chain and operations management are struggling to fill increasing vacant truck driving job, a number that could reach as high as 55,000 by 2023.

The trucking industry represents Canada’s oldest workforce, and as people in the industry retire, logistics companies must find modern solutions to attract the next generation of candidates.

Embrace Technology

Much of the discussion surrounding technology in the logistics industry is negative, that artificial intelligence and self-driving cars are going to run people out of their jobs. This is certainly driving away younger candidates looking for a long-term career. Employers needs to show that technology is making the industry better.

The extent to which artificial intelligence will replace drivers is a hotly debated issue. It is important to emphasize that truck drivers are more than warm bodies behind a steering wheel. They manage cargo, interact with cargo, inspect vehicles, and more.

Further, automation is rarely as simple as “a robot took my job.” As the Harvard Business Review explains, the more computers take over repetitive tasks, the more roles focused on complex tasks open in their place. Highlighting how technology and automation can improve trucking will encourage tech-savvy applicants to see the industry as progressive instead of old fashioned.

For example, in-cab monitoring systems use artificial intelligence to assess a driver’s visual attention. The system kicks in when signs of fatigue or distraction are detected, so companies can coach drivers on when to take breaks. Because human error is estimated to account for approximately 94 per cent of all motor vehicle crashes, this is clearly an area when technology can improve trucking jobs.

In Logistics Management Magazine’s 30th Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends, nearly 90 per cent of respondents said adopting new technology was necessary to compete in the marketplace. Also, nearly 30 per cent of respondents indicated that product/market innovation was a key part of their overall strategy, more than double from 2020. Clearly there is recognition of the potential technology can play in augmenting the industry and staffing.

Hiring Solutions

Optimizing and modernizing your onboarding processes is a great way to be competitive in this challenging labour market. Triton offers technologically sophisticated pre-employment screenings. Our comprehensive background checks can integrate with any of your existing applicant tracking systems and HR software.

With regards to the logistics industry in particular, we offer solutions for driver’s abstracts and criminal background checks. Contact us today to learn more by phone at 1-855-790-7516, by email at, or by visiting our website.