Social Media Checks are here! If you’re an individual looking for your next job opportunity, this is a blog you don’t want to miss.

What is a social media check, and why is it relevant? After the explosion of social media in the late 2000s, the way we communicate has forever changed.

Last year, we released a blog that highlighted a survey by Career Builder, which validated that 70% of employers are already using social media to validate candidates. An article in Business News a few months ago revealed that a whopping 78 percent of employers believe current employees should maintain a work-appropriate social media profile.

The same article disclosed that 88 percent of employers would terminate an employee for specific types of posts and activities on their personal social media accounts.

Your social media presence forms a digital representation of yourself, which employers encounter when they assess you online. Comments, likes, and posts accumulate over time, potentially reflecting positive aspects of your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests.

However, they may also reveal factors that concern employers, such as political affiliations, inappropriate language usage, or activities that could be perceived negatively.

How does an online Social Media Check work? Employers and organizations use Social Media Checks to get a sense of who you are based on your activities on social media and make informed decisions about whether you’re the best candidate for a position.

A Social Media Check will access your social media account to validate the accuracy of your application, flag issues or validate that you’re a fit.

You can use Social Media Checks in other scenarios, too. Many volunteer organizations check their volunteers’ social media accounts, and Social Media Checks have exploded in the dating industry. A Social Media Check is relevant for any scenario requiring quick character validation through your online social media activities.

So, how do you obtain a Social Media Check, and what’s the cost?

Social Media Checks can be obtained online on the Triton website.

1.  Start process by entering your personal information.
2.  Render a payment of $59.99 directly on our platform.
3.  Your Social Media Check will arrive within two business days.

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