Across the country, many employers regularly request a criminal background check as part of the recruiting process. Likewise, as crime rates remained elevated in cities like Lethbridge, a criminal background check in Alberta is becoming essential for employers to ensure they’re hiring reputable candidates.

Crime in Alberta

According to Statistics Canada, Lethbridge, Alberta, has the highest Crime Severity Index (CSI) in Canada. A CSI score evaluates both the number of overall reported incidents and their severity.

While Lethbridge’s CSI score decreased by 7 per cent from 2020 to 2021, it was still 128.7, which is far higher than the national average of 73.7. As a province, Alberta’s CSI score was 101.4.

More specifically, Lethbridge had the highest rate of opioid-related crime in Canada.

Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh explained that LPS is targeting illicit drugs as one of its top priorities, which has impacted the volume of reported crimes. So, while many such crimes are being reported, LPS are solving these crimes and taking drugs out of the community.

Why Employers Should Run a Criminal Background Check in Alberta

Whether you’re concerned about the crime rate in Alberta or not, a criminal background check is valuable due diligence. A criminal background check in Alberta shows a person’s convictions, arrest warrants, outstanding charges, and other criminal records.

Not all criminal records should necessarily disqualify a candidate, but employers should know if they have any convictions related to the job requirements. For instance, an employer in the finance sector should verify if an applicant has any history of fraud.

Applicants often provide false information in their resumes or conceal any criminal history. Furthermore, a bad hire can cost businesses money in lost productivity, damage their reputation, and impact team morale. A criminal background check will protect your customers, employees, and partners.

In addition to criminal background checks, other pre-employment screening solutions for employers include:

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