Being a camp counselor is easily one of the most fun and rewarding experiences during the summer months.


Not only do you get to have fun with the summer camp attendants, but they’ll look up to you as an authority figure that teaches them important skills.


But applying to be a summer camp counselor isn’t as easy as you think. In addition to having experience in customer-facing roles or roles that interact with children, you also need to obtain certifications such as lifeguard training and first aid training.


There’s also something else you might need as a part of your application process.


A background check.


Why Are Background Checks Important for Hiring Summer Camp Counsellors?


According to the CCUSA, Canada’s top summer camp and international work adventure organization, they require that all camp counselors must obtain a criminal background check from their home country as a condition to participating in any of their camp and work programs.


Public Safety Canada also states that any individual, regardless of whether they are in a paid or unpaid role as a volunteer or staff, should obtain a background check to identify whether they are of potential harm to children, youth, or other vulnerable persons.


If your job requires you to monitor children or youth participants in an unsupervised setting, a background check will be a must for your role.


What Type of Background Checks Might Be Conducted?


The most common types of background check conducted for summer camp counselors are criminal background checks. Employers need to know that you do not pose any security risk to the camp attendants or staff.


A criminal background check indicates your criminal record, convictions, findings of guilt, charges, and more as defined by the Canadian Criminal Code and the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Employers can also ask for your references or conduct an employment check verification to learn more about your qualifications, reputation, and experiences. This helps them determine whether you have the credentials needed to do the job well and up to their regulatory standards.


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