Attn: Lenders – Pre-employment Screening Provider in 1-2-3

October 19 2022

A recent study from the Society of Human Resource Management found that 92 per cent of employers said they conducted some form of pre-employment screening. This is especially important for employers in the finance industry because employees manage large sums of money as well as sensitive client and corporate information while complying with industry regulations.

It is crucial to fully understand an applicant’s history to make an informed hiring decision. A thorough pre-employment screening process will help employers protect company assets and customer information.

Here are some pre-employment screening services relevant to the financial industry.

Credit Check Verifications

A credit check verification makes sense for employers in finance because it will provide a snapshot of an applicant’s financial behaviour. On a credit check verification, you will see the following information:

  • Late or missing payments
  • Collection accounts
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Creditor judgments
  • Defaulted loans
  • Bankruptcy

Criminal Background Check

Employers in finance should know if an applicant has any charges or convictions related to fraud or other financial crimes. A criminal background check shows a person’s convictions, arrest warrants, outstanding charges, and other criminal records.

Further, if an applicant has lived abroad over the last several years, it’s important your pre-employment screening service supports international background requests.

Employment Background Checks

An applicant’s employment history will demonstrate whether they’re hardworking, reliable, and committed. It will also confirm if the applicant has the necessary experience and if their information is accurate.

Education History Verifications

Many positions in the finance sector require advanced degrees and certifications. Employers must ensure applicants have the knowledge and skillset required to perform their duties. Education history verifications will confirm attendance dates, degrees and licenses obtained, and institutions attended.

Social Media Background Check

A social media background check is a safe and legal method to reveal any red flags not found using traditional background checks. By using a candidate’s social media accounts, a social media background check will help determine whether they’re a good cultural fit for your company.

Reference Check

To continue providing unparalleled customer service, you need credible candidates. A thorough reference check will provide an unbiased testimonial from a third person offering further insight into the candidate’s personality and behaviour.

Industry-Leading Pre-Employment Screening Services

Triton offers the financial industry pre-employment screening services with industry-leading turnaround times. We offer our services as a package or à la carte, depending on your needs. Further, we will handle the transition if you’re already with a provider.

If you would like to request a demo of our pre-employment screening services, call 1-855-832-5891 or visit our website today.