Over ninety per cent of companies are performing some sort of employment background check before committing to an employee. No matter how great the resumé or interview, businesses should do their due diligence to avoid the costs and headaches of a bad hire. And while some employers may want to handle employment background checks themselves, delegating this task to a qualified third party will help drive smarter hiring decisions that promote better work environments and long-term success.


Running a thorough employment background check is much more labour intensive than a simple Google search.

Employers need to identify red flags such as a criminal record, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresenting education or work history. Most companies simply do not have the in-house resources to cover all these bases or have access to the right sources to gather the necessary information.

Triton offers a comprehensive list of services including criminal background checks, employment history verification, education history verification, credit check verification, reference check verification, driving record abstracts, and social media background checks.


On top of searching through databases, records, and websites, background checks typically involve contacting an applicant’s former employers, co-workers, and educators to learn about the candidate’s previous employment experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and character.

Wading through all these contacts and data points is too time-consuming for already busy HR professionals, whose attention is best served elsewhere. Companies also run the risk of losing out on the best candidates in a highly competitive hiring market if they move too slowly. Hiring a third-party for employment background checks can save companies a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Triton offers industry-leading turnaround times, including fifteen-minute criminal background checks.


Investing in a third party for an employment background check will save money in both the short and long term.

Hiring the wrong candidate is becoming increasingly more costly. According to a Robert Half report, over 60 per cent of senior managers surveyed report the negative impact of a bad hire is more severe now than it was a year ago. On average, it takes managers eleven weeks to terminate a bad hire and five weeks to restaff the position.

Triton’s processes, policies, and infrastructure enable us to conduct employment background checks faster and more thoroughly than any company’s in-house HR team. Delegating an employment background check to Triton will save companies from the short-term hassle along with long-term cost of a bad hire.

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